Done and done!

I worked yesterday on the studio windows (two facing the street, and one the side of the house):

The back has an awesome gradient between the three skeins of my handspun I used. For more details check out my ravelry page.

4 Replies to “Done and done!”

  1. how sweet! that jacket turned out so beautifully!
    I love how the color changes – reminds me of sunsets!

  2. it is gorgeous, well both are 🙂

  3. Your windows look great! And I’ve got an idea for window treatments for our back patio door from your picture! Thanks! 🙂 Be sure to take a picture of Violet wearing her cute new jacket!!

  4. Love that sweater! Violet is a lucky girl!
    Great job on the windows, I know that is such a difficult job!

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