Trust me, you won’t care what I’ve been up to…

When you scroll down, that is. But I’ll tell you anyway. I’ve been painting window frames! If you click that little link to the "my cottage" category you’ll notice that work on the house has dropped off considerably. Well suddenly I’ve had the urge to tie up all the loose ends. See I really, really, REALLY want to re do the front of the house, big porch, new driveway, walkway, flowerbeds, eco-lawn, plant a tree. The thing is I have not finished all the inside stuff, like doors and windows. So I’m getting shit done in the hopes that Bj will agree we’re ready to move onto bigger projects (I dream about the attic). First on that list was a bedroom door, but the thing is I never stripped the paint off of it, or five others, so I’m looking into a place that will do it for me (so time consuming, and yucky).

So I decided to start with the less messy windows. I remember the exact moment I stopped working on them, the same day as my

But again you won’t care about all of that because of this little guy:

My brother comes over while we’re working outside and says, "I have a surprise for you! I got a puppy." To which I said, "ohcomeherelittleguyyou’resocuteandsosoftohmygoodnes!!!" And snuggled its tiny puppy goodness.

Because he is so tiny.

With Brent’s girlfriend Kat. Brent named him Henry because we had a mini weinner named Edward growing up, and he wanted a kings name (never mind that he got Edward from an auto bodyshop on the way home from the breeder). He gets to come visit auntie Amber when Brent and Kat are busy (and hopefully after he’s all trained up). It was a busy weekend, and I’ve still got one day left!

p.s. Thanks for all the great advice on the plates. I’m going to have Bj get them down for me so I can sort out the best six sets, and the cream and sugar.  Then I’ll see how damaged the rest are, I like the mosaic idea, just need to think of something that needs to be mosaic-ed. Oh and I’m going to bid on a machine soon. I haven’t heard anything bad about them. You guys rock, peace out.

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  1. Ohthatlittledoggieisjustthecutestthingever!
    Nice to see you back to work on your little cottage. That new porch and driveway will just finish it off!

  2. oh the cuteness!
    I love him…and his name too! 🙂
    You should get one too!
    good job on the windows!
    That is a tough job!!!
    The windows in my apartment are similar.

  3. Windows are a nightmare amount of work! My old house had a wonderful sunporch with eight double-hung windows just like yours. The previous owner apparently thought that dark turquoise would be a good color to paint them. It took me four coats of paint (the expensive stuff, and including a primer) to get that horrible color completely covered up. Needless to say, I felt pretty damn proud of the results and you should too! Good luck with the rest of your projects.
    I bought a pretty basic Janome six years ago. It was a discontinued floor model so I got it really cheap. The business is locally owned too, and even though I have never needed it, I know I won’t have any problems getting it serviced. I don’t know anything about the quality of Phaff machines, but I like that they have even feed built-in, without having to buy a separate walking foot.

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