I love going to my mom’s

When things are crazy and loud and cold at my house, sometimes it's just the ticket.

Taken with my iPhone yesterday. I know Bj, dangerous! But I didn't drop it. 🙂 Baby loves this. It moves around like a little nutball in there when I'm soaking. I just sit there and watch it and think to myself, "This is crazy!"And it is, and wonderful and I love it. Love you little baby!

10 Replies to “I love going to my mom’s”

  1. BEST pregnant belly shot EVER!!
    so glad youre takin good care of you and the wee one…and the iphone haahaa

  2. I agree…best belly shot yet!
    You gotta love those bubble baths!!

  3. what a fun picture! 🙂

  4. Love it 🙂

  5. gorgeous picture.
    that needs to be blown up and framed in the babe’s room someday.

  6. Such a sweet picture!

  7. Awesome Belly Shot! Brave Girl!

  8. What a great picture!

  9. Enjoy your time away!
    (And totally love the shot. Worth risking your life for. 🙂 )

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