Baby love – a baby shower!

This weekend my grandma threw me a baby shower, which was so lovely. It was up at her house so a lot of my family got to come (we live an hour south of most of my mom's family). My mom called me the day before to see if I had bought my grandma a hostess gift. "No," I said, "I made it!" I did this on Friday night at Sciarrino's. After glancing at a pattern in Denyse Schmidt's book I decided to have a go at it my own way. Which turned out to be a really tiny way. Lucky for me my grandma is tiny.

She throws a big Christmas party every year so I wanted to make her something for that. Lesson learned though, oven mitts have to be a little bigger than you might thing (if you want bigger hands to get in there). My mom was the one who ran me around all day:

And when we got up to Portland we picked up Tex. She drew the number to be my "slave" My grandma came up with this as an alternative to games, so she got to get me water, write the gifts down, etc.

Ha ha! I had no idea she made this face until I uploaded the pictures. Don't be scared of the baby Tex! 🙂 She won't be able to make it to our joint crew girl shower so that's why she got to come hang out with my lovely family. Of course she'll be on her honeymoon in New Zealand, so don't feel too sorry for her! Now I should note that everyone there told me I looked small in person and huge on my blog. I don't think I look that huge on my blog, but I'm just letting you know, lest you think I'm a tank or something. Oh and the consensus at this shower was for a boy, what do you think? Despite that my mom did get me something VERY pink (and cute) "just in case" And lastly there were a couple of cute babies at the shower. I didn't get a good picture of my cousin's daughter Meg, but I did snap one of this cutie:

Remember her?

Oh and since I didn't get to it before the date I thought I'd post my attempt to lure more trick-or-treaters than the ONE Bj got last year.

Note the decorations, and you can't really tell but I also have fake spiderwebs. So despite having a porta potty in the yard, lumber, piles of dirt, and a broken doorbell, I got seven knocks for candy! Whoo hoo. I'm thinking next year with the new porch I'll do even better.

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  1. Amber, you look great! And I can only vouch for what I see on your blog since I live far away, but ya, you look big. But you’re pregnant! If you were still your teeny, tiny self, I’d be concerned. And maybe it was a slow night with parties and stuff going on, but I didn’t get that many trick-or-treaters either.

  2. You look like a perfectly pregnant. And so happy.
    We had a ton of trick or treaters, but when we went out about 1/2 were dark. The kids still wanted to quit after an hour which was fine by me.

  3. The shower was so much fun! And really fun to see all the family! Amber you do look fabulous!

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