Indigo Rose

(developed by my alma mater)

I’m blogging photos with minimal words this September. I’d love to see snippets of your life in photos too, please leave me a link in the comments.

5 Replies to “Indigo Rose”

  1. What a beautiful tomato! Love the name and the vibrant color! I need to plant these next summer.

  2. I saw these and just launched into a daydream about what my garden will be like next year now that we’re buying a house. Thanks for the shot of inspiration!

  3. Those are gorgeous! And taste good too, I’m assuming!

  4. gorgeous! and i see a heart in the half that’s sliced.

  5. Well… they don’t taste the best. But are supposed to be healthier for you. It could be the bad growing season, but I like a sweeter tomato.

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