Burda 6735 shorts (modified)

I have a pair of Hanna Andersson shorts I love so much. I got them at the little outlet near me and of course they are no longer made. I found a pattern I thought I could modify to be similar (Burda Style 6735) and have been working on it for a few days trying to get it right. This is the closest I’ve come to the fit and look being right (the colors are a little crazy on these – the actual shorts were a kind of denim).

I changed quite a few things. First of all my measurements had me at a size 18 (remember pattern sizes are a lot different than ready to wear). I got about halfway through that one before I realized it was going to be way too big. I sized down to a 14 with the length much shorter. Those shorts turned out pretty good but the rise was still too much.

On this version I stuck with the size 14/short length (FYI I’m small/medium depending on fit, 5′ 4″ and 135 lbs). I used this tutorial to add a side slant pocket (only instead of diagonal I wanted a slight curve so I used a flexible curve ruler to make one). I haven’t done this kind of pocket before and I LOVE IT. Very easy. I couldn’t really find anything about making a mock fly so I kinda figured it out myself by looking at a pattern of an actual zipper fly. I did read something about basting the fly in and then stitching around and later pulling out the basting stitches. That worked but then when I walked around the fly looked “open” (even though this was technically not possible since it was a faux fly). I solved this by tacking down the inner layer (invisibly) but I feel like there has to be a better way. I’ll do more research/practice on this and let you know if I come up with something genius.

Adding my tag was a fun touch (I have a thousand after all!). I love them (got them at this etsy shop; GREAT customer service).

I’m calling this a win and will for sure wear these a lot this summer. I have been collecting lots of apparel fabric over the years and really am itching to sew with it. I love having things that fit me and the girls just right. I’m even thinking of a cover-stitch machine to get that professional finish look. Have you ever tried one? Kinda like a serger but doesn’t cut.

***edited*** forgot to say I made the pockets extra deep (all the way to the hem). Ladies my phone goes in and does not fall out! Reason enough to make my own clothes!

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