Elmer, the other journal

Yes, I have another journal. A journal in which I can tell absolutely everything to and rant about everything as well. I decided to start this my senior year of high school. I had bouts with insomnia and I tried everything to be able to sleep. My mom made me little curtains for around my bed, I got my wizard fan (it’s on a new motor but I still sleep with that thing every night!), I avoided doing anything in my bed but sleep, and I was still having issues. The journal helped me so much. It really helped my clear my head. I use the same blank paged sketch book for everyone (I think I’m up to nine or ten), but I can’t find that kind right now, so it touch and go since I only have like twenty pages left on my old one. Anyway, I recently braved my little secret nook at my mom’s house and managed to find six of them (I don’t know where I stashed away the first ones- oops!). I started reading old entries and they are really funny. Like page after page after page of dreaming about boys and if one was ever going to ask me out. Little did I know it would be three years before one woud. Man when Bj asked me out I started to go nuts in my journal: “I’m in an extream state of happieness, one previously never reached.” Hehehe, there are other funny stories about other things, I’ll have to dig some more things up later. So I think this blog is just a place where I can keep track of everyday things, things I see (and you will see more of that when my new digital comes!!), and funny links, like this. So with that, peace out. Oh, and it’s raining here and it sounds so cool on the skylight!