Lemon Heads, Tiger Tails, and Boston Baked Beans

So I felt a lot better this morning, and after working out with my personal trainer Mya for 45 minuets I started to get some of my hyperness back. I was only up to hitting refresh about 20 times on the pub board on two peas when Bj called me and invited me to come to the Tuesday’s lunch bonanza at IRW (well okay we just had pizza, but it was good). I got a lot of good “singing” done on the way there. I put that in quotations because when I am in the car alone, I don’t so much sing as yell. And a great song to yell to in the car is Wilson Phillip’s Hold On, wouldn’t you agree? I know Brent would because he gave me the song!!! (but it’s not his fault he works in a sorority and is surrounded by girls all day, so of course it rubbed off and he thinks it’s more funny while I would call it more soulful). Ahh, yup, just had to play it one more time while I finish writing.
Okay so last night Bj and I were watching The Screen Savers on G4 Tv as we do just about every night (they’ll have to get their own post later they are so cool). There was a group called Hard n’ Firm on (and their name is not what you might think, it is actually just abbr. of their last names). They performed a song called American Dinosaur (you can here it by going here and clicking on the song title). They had these graphics going on in the background, and when they got to the line I am going to type out next Bj and I lost it: “I guess Noah had a reason for keepin you off the ark, cause he knew you’d burrow in the earth and fuel American cars. And I thnk about your scarafice as I power up my rig.” Okay now that is funny, but then picture this: the graphic in the background was a dino with a suitcase standing under a rain cloud looking as Noah took off with all the other animals. LOLOLOLOL!!!!! So of course we had to grab the TiVo remot and listen to that part at least five more times. Oh and I have to interject here to say yeah to Angela for getting a TiVo (finally!!) you are going to love it Ang!
So that was last night, but then a funny thing happend to me on the way back from Albany. I was driving and yelling and I was singing so much my lips were getting dry so I reached into my bag to grab my awesome kiss me lip gloss. I opened the top and squeezed the tube to get it on my lips and got a mouthful of this instead. I had gotten a little sample of this stuff and the tubes were about the same size. Well you don’t need to squeeze the lotion hard to get any out so when I did that I got lotion all in my mouth AND ALL OVER MY FACE!!! And let me tell you this stuff may be moisturizing, but it sure tastes like shit. And I can’t get the taste out of my mouth despite all my best efforts. It’s like this episode of the X-Files. You know, the one where the sewer worker gets bit by the half man, half tape worm thing and has that horrible taste in his mouth that he can’t get rid of, and then he’s in the shower and he barfs up a baby fluke worm and dies. God, I hope THAT doesn’t happen to me. It’s like, “How did she die?” (almost as bad as a tire in the face, right Sciarrino?).
Whoa, so I am a little all over the place, but back to IRW. That is why the title of the post. Denise’s wonderful guy Ben went and got us candy and those were are choices. Guess which one was mine? Pictures are all from the H.O. See Josh, you made the blog!!! I am going to get everyone else later this weekend at the expo (Kari wouldn’t let me because she said she was wearing too much denim, and Amy didn’t like her hair – though I think she should have let me, her Simpson shirt rocked!). Well still no call here, but I’m feeling much better after looking at my entry again and realizing I still like, so that made me feel good. Oh and also that fact that Angela and my mom are having a bidding war over this album I posted on eBay. My mom called me just as I was leaving IRW and said, “someone out bid me again on that album.” I was like, “yeah, mom, stop bidding, I’LL MAKE YOU ONE.” The same thing I told Angela, but hey if they want to pay me for stuff I’m not going to try too hard to stop them.

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