Free Association Wednesday

Rock Candy
Here was my idea. To do a kind of post that was just a hey, um, hello, hi, is anyone out there? But then I thought to myself, “alp (that’s what I call myself in my head sometimes), isn’t that a little mundane. Couldn’t you think of something a little better?  And I thought, hey I can!  I can make it INTERACTIVE!!!! Instead of just being the comment whore that I am and begging the 93 people that daily look at my blog to post a hello I am going to make it fun!  Yes, I will still be disappointed if you do not say something, but I think you will want to. So every Tuesday night I will put up a phrase or word and you can make a FREE association for Wednesday. Do you know what that is?  this might help if you don’t.  So you can just say anything that floats across your mind. Or if you don’t want to play just say hey, I’m reading you man, and that will be good for me. So once again the free association for today is:

Rock Candy

Okay so Bj just asked me what to do. You just hit the comment button and write the first thing that comes floating over your brain that you can catch and type out.

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  1. OMG, Bj, you are the coolest person in the entire world!!! I love you!! That is so awesome, now I’m so excited to see what everyone else writes.

  2. About age 6 I went to a Recorder players group and we played a song called Big Rock Candy Mountain or some such thing. It was a group of little kids mostly dribbling into a recorder. I can’t remember the tune now and the only thing I can still play is hi-ho hi-ho it’s off to work we go. Hey Amber – “it’s Brisk”

  3. The other two mcdonalders are the hamburgler and birdie. This is lame, but rock candy just makes me think of rock candy. But i guess more specifically the texture of it, hard, smooth and cool.

  4. Hey Erin, how did you know the names of those guys? Camp Pinecliffe re-united eh?

  5. being in grade school and going to visit strawberry banks, which is in portsmouth NH.. they have it all set up just as it was when the pilgrims were around ( at least i think thats how it was) anywyas the “general store” had penny candy, one being rock candy

  6. I would have to say that rock candy puts me in the mind of my home made fudge. and remember I am keeping track of you girl…….

  7. Pixie Kitchen.
    It was a place to eat/small kid park on the OR coast when I was growing up. For some reason, rock candy makes me think of that place. It might be the colors, or the time of life.
    (PS – I found your site through Angie’s blog. She and I are part of a scrapbook site together.)

  8. Spelling Bee in 8th grade. I actually made it to the 4th round, truly a proud moment—being from the “miss-spellers club.”

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