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How cute is that? She (Miffy) is a gift of sorts from an overseas friend that connected to me from my blog. Oh how cool is that?! Kay is the third person that has written to me after reading my blog. So she’s been reading it for a while and had some questions. She’s from Great Britain so she didn’t know some American things that I right about. And since she is not the only non-American reader I thought I would answer the questions here as well as in an email to her. Oh, but before I forget you can make your own Miffy with this: Download miffy_blue.pdf
. You simply print it out, snip, snip, glue, glue, and you too can have your own Miffy. Don’t be scared by the Japanese instructions, just look at the diagrams and you’ll get it. So to the questions (Kay is in green)
I have been following this for a while and blimey you’re energetic, this is a great blog but I have a few things I don’t understand and hope you can clear up for me my love:
OK, what is scrapbooking (she hesitantly asks)? Maybe that’s like saying ‘so, what’s the whole essence of your life?’ but we most certainly don’t have this phenomenon and I would like to know?  Is it your job?  What is your job?  Have you finished university now?  How on earth do you make a living?
Well what is scrapbooking? I think most basically it is taking pictures and putting them together with journaling to create a book that holds memories. I told Kay to check out Creating Keepsakes Magazine since they are like the number one scrapbooking magazine. You can also go to Two Peas in a Bucket a scrapbooking mega site. They have shopping, galleries of work, message boards, and a design team, called the creating garden that has some awesome examples of what can be done with scrapbooking. Yes, I scrapbook a lot, but I am trying not to make it the whole essence of my life. Though, be warned, if you know me well enough you will probably get something homemade and artsy for a gift at some point. My job. Well I don’t exactly have one right now. I’m on a break. I quit my job in late December and have been scrapbooking and traveling since then. I think I know what I want to do now, but I’m going to wait just a little big longer before I tell everyone so I can be sure. I graduated last June with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts and a Minor in Business Administration. How do I make a living? Um I sell some stuff on eBay, but mainly living off my savings from when I did work right now.
I like the apple.  Very good my chick, i am writing to you from my little iBook (and would not swap it for the world) so I share in your apple glory – I think you should work out how to list things on eBay though. Come on girl, don’t let the side down!  What is Alma mater? Nice new shoes, very nice new hair,  what the bloody hell is an inversion table? That nasty sugary egg thing sounds revolting, but I don’t like sweet stuff so maybe I’m not the best judge really.
I love Macs, enough said. 🙂 Okay okay I am going to be listing some more things on eBay, I’ll have bj post a link on the blog to them. An Alma Mater is a school you graduated from or went to. An inversion table is to help your back. Apparently if you hang upside down enough you can straighten out your back and relieve pain. I don’t know I think it is just kind of funny. Bj said it made him feel sick to hang upside down. Not many other people like those eggs either.
Okay so those were some answers. Now I hope everyone knows a little more about me! But still no one has answered mine, who is that little McDonald’s guy?

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