$1.00 Rewind Fee

The Masters at my Dad’s was everything I thought it would be. Brent drove Bj and I to Salem to watch and we settled in for a day golf clapping, fist pumping, and missed putts. I was voting for Tiger  of course, but my dad wanted DiMarco to make a push for it so he could see some playoff action, he got his wish. I’m sure you all know that Tiger wins in a sudden death playoff with a birdie at 18. What I want to talk about is 16 and that sweet shot (so sweet it was sick really). Paul had shown up to catch a little of the action and I was playing a super cool game on his new PSP (it was like Tetris, yessss!). Bj was telling me when to pause so that I could see all the shots (there is lots of walking around and fluff and stuff when you watch golf). So I paused for Tiger’s chip at 16. We all kind of stood up a little as it landed and then started rolling in a curve towards the hole. Then it slowed down and started a straighter course… RIGHT FOR THE PIN, we started yelling, screaming and pumping our fists around, I’m sure "Go in the hole," was heard for miles around. Then it paused right on the edge of the cup, like so many balls do, but we kept screaming, "go in, go in!" like the crazy golf watching maniacs that we are, and low and behold, it did. It was awesome. After that shot I calmed down a little and proceeded to kick butt on this Tetris type game getting the fourth highest score!!!  It’s no wonder Tetris is the only game played more by women, it totally makes sense (oh, and there is no killing, which I appriciate)!

After all the golf hullabaloo and my Dad gave Paul his $5 bet (Dad: "So, it was the best five dollars I’ve spent, now that’s action." about the sudden death playoff) he made us burgers, yum. We came back and Sciarrino, Bj and I watched Bridget Jones Diary: The Edge of Reason. I thought it was pretty good, but I did not laugh as hard as I did for the book, which was the first book to really make me cry laughing. Yesterday we watched Finding Neverland, um, could the boys in that movie BE any cuter or more adorable? No, no they could not. We also watched some In Living Color that we had rented (my favorite? "The title alone gets two snaps up!") from DVD World. This rental store is the best; it’s locally owned, it has tons of random stuff you wouldn’t find anywhere, and you can rent whole seasons of TV shows for only 9 bucks. I was signing the rental agreement thingie and I noticed in the corner they have a little warning. I looked at the cashier and said, "$1.00 rewind fee, seriously?" He just laughed and I said, "that’s awesome!" Little things like that, they just kill me, I was laughing the whole way home.

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  1. What she meant to say is that they offer TV shows for $6 for all the discs for 3 days. While I was signing MY rights away she noticed that they charged me a $1.00 rewind fee. You might not know it but they are a DVD only rental store! I never knew you had to rewind DVD’s but apparently you do, check http://www.dvdrewinder.com

  2. They don’t have to rewind DVD’s? I will never understand this new technology… just when I think I understand something… I don’t.
    Have a great day!
    Love Mom

  3. OK, Am I a little slow at this? Is that really an April fools joke about DVD rewinding?
    I love In Living Color too. I used to watch it ages ago. When I worked for Fed Ex, one of my customers was dating one of the Wayans. I loved watching the Fly girls dance!

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