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I figured out the best way to take a self portrait: Look at yourself in the mirror and hold the digital camera right in front of you (like a normal self portrait), then angle the camera so you can see the reflection of the LCD screen. Position yourself  how you want and then redirect your eyes to the lens instead of the mirror. Wa La (okay that is so NOT how to spell that, but does anyone know the right way?)! So I’ve been working on a cool project. A paper bag book for myself all about me right this instant (give or take a week). I did a huge printmaking project last year that was amber lee pence 23.5, so I decided to do another project this year, hey maybe it will be a tradition. If you want I’ll post pictures of my project for last year, but I think most people saw it at my senior show. Anyway here is the book I have been working on, sans journaling:

*** okay yes, the pictures are a little big and take a while to load if you are on an archaic connection, but listen, you don’t have to wait for them if you aren’t into scrapbooking, and if you are, then you will appreciate the detail, right? Well tell me if I’m wrong and I won’t do it anymore!

Ya, haven’t really cleaned up after this project yet. Scans of the project:


Someone else had this idea of covering a bit monogram with paper and then exactoing around it and I love how it looks!
And the back. Can you tell the the heart accent thingie is three d? So do you like it? I think I am going to try and make one for eBay because I had so much fun with this one, but it might be hard because you don’t know the person, well I’ll give it a go!

In other news today Bj brought home a remote control helicopter curtosy of Josh:
He was excited can you tell. Okay we are going to atempt to put in a video:
Download MVI_0301.MOV

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  1. alp~ that book is so cute…the peeps who didn’t get to see your show have got to see everything from life in color.

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