Click one and be AMAZED (or at least mildly amused)

Okay people, it’s time for link city. First of all I have to credit most of these to a TV show that is one of the main reasons Bj and I can’t seem to let ourselves get rid of digital cable: Attack of the Show . The other reason is my mild addiction to Discovery Health Channel. Back to Attack of the Show. This show, which just changed it’s name from The Screen Savers, is the best on television for awesome links and great technology finds. Bj loves it for all the geeky stuff, but it can be very amusing even if you don’t want to mod your case (and if you don’t know what that is, you are not a geek). So, start watching the show and have fun being “in the know” like me :).
Not all the links are from that show, and this one isn’t. It’s a link to another blog that lists incredible airfares. This cool blog is updated all the time as those ridiculous, this can’t be real fares come in. My mom and I are familiar with these deals, and I’m sure you’ve met someone whose gotten a deal you can’t believe, this will help you find one too. Our find was quite a few years ago, just one of those fluke of the Internet things that we ended up getting tickets round trip to Paris from PDX for like $300 bucks. We bought them then the deal vanished, as they so often do. Okay so I hope that will be fun for you. If you then do buy a ticket and want to know where to sit, check out this website that helps you pick the best seat on your specific aircraft. So cool.
A funny website to buy geeky things at: Think Geek. This site has tons of funny things, but I picked out some that I thought were extra funny (most of these they showed on Attack of the Show):
*This awesome toy set for grown ups: The Cubes know any guys that are hard to buy for and work in a cubicle? Here you go.
*Mom, I think You need this instead of that tiny drive you have for your CAD work, check out this Tiki Drive!!!  Okay so for the money you can get a lot more space in something else, but this sucker makes a statement, don’t you think?
*This is totally for me: Marshmallow Shooter, no, I don’t have a birthday coming up, but anyone who knows me knows I would put this to good use!
*How about the Red Swingline from Office Space? Cause they’ve got it!
Another geeky shop is Jinx. They have awesome T-shirts for the technology minded, my favorites?
*You are so off my buddy list
*I read your email
*Revolution is not an AOL keyword
and I won’t tell you all the words to the next one because you must click on it:
*Everytime you download music
There are so many more good ones too, but those stand out.
Here are some interesting websites using toys in very odd ways:
Toy Lab lets kids (6 and up) make new one of kind toys from recycled toy parts. Interesting creations abound.
Toddlerpedes are so disturbing you just can’t look away
I don’t know if this is really a toy, but I can’t believe what this guy can do with playing cards.
To find more outstanding websites you can go to the South by Southwest Web Awards site. They have lots of great sites, but a truly amazing and interactive site is Billy Harvey Music. It requires flash, but start clicking around and you’ll be amazed, so, so well designed!
Hope you enjoyed the links. Seriously if you have digital cable you should be watching Attack of the Show.

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