Not the best shopping ever

Ya I was slightly shopping retarded today. It’s weird, sometimes I have, like, this amazing attention to detail. Okay okay stop laughing, I said sometimes. Anyway sometimes I don’t pay attention and do something dumb not even knowing it. Well that happened today when I bought my new battery charger. I say new, but I think the thing is from the 1980s, it’s got great technology… NOT. I don’t know how but I grabbed one that takes EIGHT AND A HALF HOURS TO CHARGE!!!  I could have sworn I grabbed the 15 minuet pack, but whatev. So I’m loading the batteries into this thing, finally. I say finally because it has that kind of plastic that you can not get open even with your Ginsu knifes or scissors that can cut through cans. You know the kind, they also package little kid’s toys this way, which is great because then they are so excited when they get the toy that they are ripping at the plastic until their hands are bleeding. Anyway, I digress. So I got the world’s longest taking battery charger. I plugged it in right when I got home from my errand and it is still charging. Enough with that rant.

I went to the bookstore on campus. Haven’t been there in a while. I had to get an airport extreme wireless card. Looking young is going to have it’s benefits for a while, I got the student discount without even asking or showing ID. The guy at the counter was looking for the card in the pile of PC stuff and I was like, I need the mac card, and he’s all, "oh, let me go get some help." I have to say I feel very cool buying stuff for my Macs, I hope that doesn’t make me a huge snob. But seriously, the guy was like, to the other guy, "is this thing hard to install," me: "I can do it, thanks." Ya, because it’s so easy with Macs!!! Of course I didn’t install it, not really my style. I let Bj because he likes to open up computers and look inside at all the guts. He looked too cute doing it too:


Ahh I love my Geek. Think I need this t-shirt? I do. Anyway so I went to Freddy’s. I had a bunch of random stuff to get but I really was going there to look for more Elmer journals (see this post). OMG they didn’t have them. Ahhhh!!! So I went to a back up store, they didn’t have them. Okay starting to hyperventilate because I’ve used this journal for like almost a decade and I don’t want to switch, then they won’t all line up pretty. I wah wah wahed to bj and of course he found them online in like two seconds. Here is the journal. It’s the Mead Academia Sketch Diary. 70 pages 6×9 inches. The paper is so nice. It’s great because I staple, glue, tape stuff in it, write, draw, and do everything in them. The ONLY time I switched it up was when Bj and I had matching journals the summer we were apart that we sent back and forth to each other. They have changed the style a tiny bit, but, in case of further changes, I’m thinking about getting a dozen, obsessive?

Oh, oh I forgot to say the funniest thing I saw on campus. This girl was wearing the most ridiculous outfit I’ve scene in a while. She was like trying to be trendy but missing it completely. She had on these cute pink capris (good), semi cute moccasin/loafer shoes in turquoise (okay) with really long straps going up her leg (if she’s into that whatev), but here’s the kicker: she was wearing super thick WOOL poop brown knee highs!!!! So picture that under the capris (so no skin is showing so why wear capris in the first place), with these ridiculous loafers with long straps tied up all over the socks. I mean, HELLO!!! She was walking very fast into the dorms so maybe she just didn’t realize what she was doing in the morning and was going to fix the problem, I don’t know.

I had a great time singing (yelling maybe) to Enrique the Escape album while I was typing up descriptions for eBay (promise the new stuff will be up soon). Bj comes out of his room (I must have been loud because he was gaming) and says, "American Idol next year Hun?" Um, no. That made me really hyper so I decide Bj and I should have a sing off. The person who can sing along to Ice, Ice Baby wins. I got through "Light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle" but then said "Jump" instead of "Dance." Darn. So somehow we go into a little bit of a water fight because I was using a spray bottle as a microphone. I put it down and Bj’s all, "What’s this picture of," and you know me I love to talk about myself, so I lean over there to point and I get water in the face. Ahhh.

Bj just im-ed me some cool iPod links. Turn your iPod into a guide for your favorite drinks here . And this has to be the coolest skin for a Shuffle. Fits perfectly with what bj heard about the Japanese selling Shuffles next to packs of gum. Check it out. And did no one click on those links yesterday? Do you know you can click on the highlighted words? Maybe I’ll work with my settings and see if I can make them an annoying neon color or something.

Oh and since Bj got me with the water, I get to show this picture:


Recognize those mom? I kinda broke his other glasses (ACCIDENTALLY) so he has to wear these before he gets a new pair. Hilarious. I would love to just be driving down the road and see a guy in these (if you commute from Corvallis to Albany you just might see him)!

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  1. It must be nice not to work or go to school so you can have fun days and write about them! I miss you guys!

  2. AMBER! I found a site for you, if you’re not already familiar with it.
    Check out the sattelite view option…you can totally SEE your house and neighborhood and then surf down the Willamette River or maybe the Yangzte, if you’re in the mood! Google has so much power it’s a little scary, but I’m in love for now.

  3. This message is for BJ. I have a little money to buy a new computer. I know you love Mac’s. Are they compatible with older software, like Quickbooks?

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