Knife Wound

First of all did you know that wound ("That wound is from an accident with scissors, I was jumping on the bed, long story") and wound (I wound the red string around my finger and I STILL forgot your birthday!") are spelled the same? What is UP with the English language?  They definitely did not consult me! Okay, so sorry about the rant.
ClipsI love Sciarrino (I don’t think many other people would take things like this so well)! Okay now enough with the fun, she does need help. No not with her head. She needs to find more of this tiny paper clip:  The tiny one is the one she wants, the big one is a regular Clipola so you can compare. We know it’s not Making Memories, and I don’t think it’s 7 Gypsies either. It was bought a while ago and she got some of these as a gift and doesn’t have the original packaging. So if you know where to get these mini guys, please let us know (they are for wedding invitations).

*Edited to add: that is an I heart apple shirt, not baby, as Sciarrino originally thought.

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  1. hey amber –
    they have them mini and medium, gold, copper, silver and antique. the mini ones are sooooo cute. I placed an order last week!
    the knives…that would be why Sven insists on putting them in the holder/dryer pointy-edge down. I always thought that would dull them, but better them down and safe and no forehead accidents, eh?!

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