Worlds Away

Bj and I drove to Salem tonight to have dinner at my mom’s. My little step brother Taylor was there, as were my step sister in law, Coralia, and my cute little niece Brianna, who’s four. Her Dad, my step brother, Aaron, is over in Iraq. My other step brother, Allen, is working in Japan (he’s the same age as me). We were all sitting around talking. I love our family dinners because it seems like my family is really good at talking about everything. Well today we hit on a bunch of topics including piercings and tattoos. After talking about it was said to Brianna, "Never get a tattoo, okay?" She had just been walking her Fisher Price Little People around the table and wasn’t really paying attention. She’s like, "okay." Then we kind of started talking about something else and she said, "I got a tattoo when I was little, it was sparkly and somebody gave it to me, and it had a mouse dancing (or something like that can’t remember)" So my mom said, "Well glittery ones are okay." She replied, "Ya, it came off in the bath." He he he, so funny. I meant to get a picture but totally spaced it. Aaron called Coralia while they were there, it’s cool she gets to talk to him every couple of days. I feel very honored that he has a slang card (see
It was taken at a girl’s school after a drop off from operation crayon. Aren’t they the cutest happiest looking little people? I’ve been thinking that the world is so big and so small at the same time right now, it’s easy to think that way with so many of my friends and family all over. Scotland, England, Denmark, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, all over the United States, I miss you all!  Thank goodness we live in an age where we can keep in touch. Love and Peace where ever you are!

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  1. Awesome pictures! Aaron stay safe and we can’t wait for your return. Keep up the great work!

  2. Great Blog…
    I love our family dinners too! We are all so proud of Aaron, but looking forward to him coming home so he can join the family dinner too.
    Love Mom

  3. How fun to read, it is never dull in the house with Amber around. . .
    Yes, we all miss Aaron, it is great to see all the wonderful things he is doing over there. What he enjoys the most is really making a differance. He is having a true impact on a lot of peoples lives. Aaron has a propensity for doing that, although he may not realize it. He is a very charismatic person, not to meantion a great son.
    We enjoyed having the whole family here, Coralia and Brianna are both great. We miss having Allen here too. He is having, I think the most fun over in Japan, will we ever see Allen again??
    Bill (Dad/StepDad/Casual Observer)

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