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This is not about me, and I did not take these pictures, but I had to share. My brother just got back from the Masters. He was there on the practice round days, so he got to take pictures, and he got some good ones, so I thought I would share. I love cool signs so I love the picture above. Some more are below, thanks for sharing Brent!


I love this picture because 1: Tiger is hot and 2: Those guys sitting on the left are my cousin, dad, and uncle. Okay I also have to say that my family is probably the best at watching golf. Now my dad is a pretty good player, but he is even better at watching golf. People might thing it’s a  boring sport to watch, but not with my dad. With him there’s yelling, hand rubbing, gasps, and everything. It is the perfect thing to watch while scrapbooking or crafting too. So that’s what I’m planning on doing this weekend so I’ll post updates.

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  1. This rules! I like sports and your coverage is by far the best. These are amazing images. Good work Amber’s Brother! I love how your blog is so diverse compared to other blogs I read. Great work love :-)!

  2. Amber, I had a blast watching the Masters with you on Sunday. It brought back old memories when we watched it togather at the office and the same guy won(I was secretly rooting for Tiger)I just wanted to see a close match.Great blog Love you DAD.

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