Too bad I’m too old for prom…

Because it sure would be fun to get all dressed up. Lacey and I headed to Portland today to pick out her prom dress. I am staying at Nick and Lacey’s until Wednesday. Nick and Lacey are my all time favorite kids from my Summer Sitting Service I had many years ago. Every Wednesday we would have little adventures, make movies, swim, and play. It was so much fun. Now I come to Salem to stay with them whenever their parents go out of town for a while. They are 13.5 and just fifteen (and Lacey just got her permit, congratulations!) so they don’t really need me that much anymore. But it is still fun to come and take them out and hear what is going on with their lives. Since I’ve graduated high school I’ve probably stayed here ten times or so, a couple times a year. I was here with them when the planes struck the twin towers. It was so weird. That was the moment in my life when I realized I was really a grown up. I was with them when I was just getting to know Bj. He came over to watch a movie while I was staying here and we sat as far away from each other on the couch as we could. These were the first kids I ever watched over night. And that first time at their old house they had a new puppy that I couldn’t get to stop barking at night. It was getting later and later. The kids were in bed I was crying trying to get the puppy to stop and had to call my parents to come help me. But now the kids are grown up and we get to do fun things like shop for prom dresses.


So Lacey and I set out at about 10:30 and left Nick behind (because he is so not interested in prom dresses!). We went to about a zillion shops and didn’t see much besides big poofy princess dresses, which of course was not what Lacey was looking for. Thank goodness because we just popped our heads into a Jessica McClintock and it was absolute craziness in there! After going first to BCBG and putting a few dresses on hold we tried everywhere else. We ended up going back to BCBG and got one of those dresses. A shorter dress that goes from light pink to pink to dark pink to melon from top to bottom. It has little straps and is really cute (sorry can’t find a picture). Then we had to go all over to find silver shoes and jewelry, but it was fun. We took a break to have some great Japanese food at Bush Garden. We headed home around six, rolled in and heated up a frozen pizza. Nick had a good day too and went to see Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy with his friends. He said it was "pretty good."

*On a side note I am totally and utterly addicted to the Internet. When I got here comcast was down and so there was nothing. For over 24 hours no Internet, ahhhh. We got back from Portland and it was restored, phew. Oh, and someone asked in the comments about the ribbon jar… not long now!!!

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  1. looks way too fun- i’m jealous. what kind of shoes did she end up picking out??

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