Knitting is like, so totally awesome

Okay I love these kids that I am looking after. After a busy weekend with lots of friends and fun things I said I wanted to do something just us three like we used to do on our days. I didn’t even have to pull anybody’s leg. Nick has been wanting to learn to knit his own beenie like all the cool snowboarders do (and he’s a skater snowboarder himself). So we decided that would be our project. We headed out to the greatest little yarn shop in Salem, Have You Any Wool. Nick got slightly overwhelmed at all the choice ("I just want brown, I don’t get all these other kinds"), and Lacey had to decide between something for herself and her man (she picked the latter, because she’s just so sweet). After all those tough choices we went out to Thai food, yum, yum. As soon as we got home the Nick and Lace wanted to start their lesson right away. It got a little tense when they realized how slowly progress would be. I was pretty amazed how well they both caught on. I made them do a sample to practice and get a gage. Lacey is done and ready to cast on for her hat. Nick is on a second try of his (first one was too loose),  but really happy about it and is bringing it to school to show it off (see knitting is so cool!). They of course did have to get to their homework after a couple hours of knitting. Luckily our Internet was back up and running (I mean man, I can not live with this on and off business). An unfortunate table stapling incident later and they were off to bed. Yup good kids. I’ll have to get pictures of their little projects tomorrow.

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  1. Oh Man! I so have tried to learn to knit but just can’t seem to!!!! What am I doing wrong? I can crochet just fine. Well, good for you!!!!! I’ll keep trying. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

  2. Hi Amber (or is it Amber Lee?) – I’m your pal in the back tack swap, and I’m wondering what kind of utility you’d like out of your little item. I see you’re a scrapbooker, and from this post, a knitter — is there an organizational item that would make your life complete? I’m looking around for some good ideas…

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