Crap, it’s hot

Img_0698I say I like hot weather, but it’s just not true. I like luke warm weather with a chance of evening showers. My room is so flipping hot that it feels like ice to go downstairs (where the thermostat currently reads 81 degrees). I have to resort to all kinds of cooling methods like not cooking anything (Bj bake rolls to go with dinner, are you crazy, we’re not turning on the oven!!!), ice cold showers, and the hack job on my weird shaped windows to keep out the sun (look left). Then every night you have to judge when window opening time is. The old, is it hotter out there or in here? Then you get them open so that your neighbors can start up their sucky band practice and smoke on their back porch, ew, ew,ew. See, I think the sun makes me a little cranky. The good news is that I won’t be here very much this weekend. I’ve got a bachlorette party tonight (my first time at a country western bar, I’ll let you know how that goes), a bridal shower tomorrow morning, and another bachlorette party tomorrow night. Go ahead everyone, get married at once! Tomorrow’s bridal shower is at my mom’s house and I am thinking we should turn it into a pool party. I hope everyone else has a great weekend planned.

Oh and if you didn’t read the comment Erin left yesterday, you have to check this out: the turtle song. You know I love everything about Oregon (well minus this current heat wave), and this song from the Oregon Coast Aquarium just proves what a special lot we are over here. 🙂

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