It’s all about the Light Sabers

Okay so this whole weekend was pretty much about Star Wars. Bj and I went to see Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith on Saturday. I thought it was pretty good. Then of course we had to go buy the old ones to see what happened next (I had never watched them!). I still have to see Return of the Jedi, but other than that I know what’s going on in Star Wars land. We decided we had to buy some light sabers as well, we just couldn’t help ourselves. A couple kids had some in the theater (and a few had homemade ones stuffed with candy) and they just looked like fun. And boy were they fun, cool noises and vibrating handles, we even got one that has helpful hints from Yoda. Toys, I love toys. Tonight I got to hang out with Laura who lives in North Carolina while going to grad school for physical therapy. She is home for a mini break and we had a BBQ tonight at her boyfriend, Corley’s house. Here are the cute girls:

I’m stopping Laura from an obscene hand gesture, bad Laura. And the boys being crazy:

They were making fun of me taking pictures of Laura’s new ribbon belt (quickly crafted from some Ribbon Jar ribbon she picked up while visiting):

She’s so clever!

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  1. oh dear. you thought the revenge of the sith was good? and you’d never seen the originals? I’m not THAT much older than you, am I? I mean, who hasn’t seen the originals!? 😉
    Actually, I have thought the new star wars were terrible, very badly written. then i watched the orignals (recently) and noticed that the script is pretty much just as cheesy!! HA!

  2. The ribbon belt is fabulous… quick and easy to make and very stylish…. where did you get that ribbon?
    Looks like you had a great time! I also need to catch up on the star wars saga before heading out to see the new one.

  3. seriously…i sometimes feel like the only girl who has seen and loved the other 5 star wars (i think that totally makes me a geek!) yes they are cheesy when you think of them compared to other films, but it’s star wars. there is no comparison.

  4. I agree with this Settelmeyer person. These films were made for all ages and are so much fun to experience. Sure they are no Godard, Fellini or Herzog. But, they are something special. I must say the new Ep. 4-6 DVD edition is amazing with the digital color correction, blows my mind. Anyone want to have a lightsaber dual?

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