Should I be driving an ark?

Thank you everyone for all your kind words about The Ribbon Jar. I am so glad that everyone likes it! I think the shop by color page is the runaway hit (phew glad I didn’t do all those drawings for nothing!).  Thanks again for all your support!  Oh and my first order was to a woman in Minnesota, which I thought was pretty cool.

Now onto the rest of life, which I am slowly getting back now that the shop has launched. Yesterday I braved insane downpours to go up to Portland and visit a few friends. The weather here has been a bit insane, thunder, lighting, pouring rain, and then blasts of sunshine. Well I got caught in the thick of a really big black cloud and got the kind of rain not even the highest setting on your windshield wipers can fix. But we all know the worst part is riding right next or close behind a semi, you can’t see anything. I got through all that to see my friend Matt who has been studying architecture in Italy for the last nine months. It was great to see him and all his cool photos of really old, and really cool buildings. We went to P.F. Chang’s for lunch, yummy, yummy (but their chopsticks suck). After hanging out with Matt I somehow managed to get to Beachwood’s house (note to self: do not again attempt to get from one side of Portland to the other in rush hour traffic) to say a quick hello. Katie is running a marathon in a few weeks, she’s been training and everything, but I thought I should say good luck just in case she doesn’t make it (just kidding I know you will Katie, you rock!).

Drove home going about twenty miles an hour, which is okay, got a lot of quality car singing in. When I got back to Corvallis Bj had cleaned up the whole downstairs and got me flowers, ahhh, thanks beeg! We watched House of Flying Daggers last night, which was completely amazing. The cinematography in this movie might be the best ever! Oh, and the colors were so beautiful (I want one of those green dresses). You know, watching that movie and the seeing the amazing costumes really made me think that other cultures get it a little more right when it comes to dressing. Looser is better than tighter. Long flowing outfits made from beautiful material, oh I would love that.

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