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Okay so I was looking at my stats for this blog and I had a super high number of hits. PEOPLE IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THE MENTOS COMMERCIAL, I DON’T HAVE IT YET, SORRY! But I am seriously trying to get it still so check back.

Okay enough of that. So it’s about five hundred degrees in this house. I’ve tried everything to get it cold. None of the kids know how to change it. I’m too freaked out to open the windows on the bottom floor at night (due to an incident at Black Butte when I was eight, if you want details let me know). So if I slip up and have all these type ohs (so don’t know how to phrase/spell that) then know it’s just because of sweaty hands.


Okay also it’s not like we are in just any neighborhood (=added scaryness). See proof when I was stopped by the flagger: lv (leaving) Salem!!! I actually took a lot of pictures today so it will be photo essay day (only I’ll also have lots of words, so I guess not really, sorry Professor Harrison!)


Flipped out a little when I saw the cover on the pool and realized… IT’S HEATED BABY! I love to swim, mom I am going to be over every weekend!


I love my mom’s yard so much that I sent her postcard that looks like this.


Um, I didn’t really want to get to work right away so i was just taking a bunch of pictures. Trying to do a whole body self portrait is hard!


I just thought this was cool. It looks like a lamp hanging from the ceiling, only the "ceiling" is really a pastel painting I did and the lamp is reflected. Enough with those. I got back to work and then headed off the Nick and Lace again. After they got home Nick got the tiger package he was waiting for, (not that Tiger) this tiger:


He is going to wear this when he snowboards in the summer because it’s really light weight. I have to admit, I’ve definitely never scene one like it before, have you? After that excitement he skateboarded until he had to come home to find a band aid and gauze:


But he said it was no big deal (I would have been crying). The rest of the night was mellow. I watched the Amazing Race, phew, next week’s finale is going to be good! Lacey and I knitted some more. She really has the hang of it, I’m so proud of her! She’s a lefty and has never done so much with her right hand before she said. Here’s our progress:


Don’t know how to fix red-eye on this computer sorry. Okay off to Seattle tomorrow, yeah!

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  1. The Tiger suit is awesome… where do I get one! Cute kids! Great shot of the house…. I’ll be swimming this AM! Yippee! Time to get back in shape! You’ll be coming over every weekend?… why do you think I heated the pool… I had to do something to get you over here!
    Love Mom

  2. yeah what’s the deal with black butte? and good job on the knitting, girls- it’s really hard!!

  3. also, tell lacey we want to see the dress! whree are the promised pics?

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