The Scary Story

Okay, this is my scary story about Black Butte. My family used to have a vacation house there that we shared with two other families. Our house was in the Glaze Meadow section of Black Butte. Our place was one of a few on a little cul de sac called Salal. Behind our house was forest service land, a whole bunch of trees and animals and nothing else. When we first got it I was about eight I think. At the very beginning of getting the place all the families came at the same time to do some work on the place (we got it not quite finished). Well after a day of working they decided to go out to dinner at the lodge and left all six of us (me, my little brother (age 6), josh (6), Matt (4), taylor (5) and her little brother (4?) with a baby-sitter. I think though, that the littlest kids were already asleep, it’s a little fuzzy. Anyway, I was the oldest so I was not asleep. After the rest of the kids were I was in the kitchen with her doing dishes or something. We were talking right in front of the kitchen windows that looked out over the forest. After loading dishes in the dishwasher we looked up to…. two guys wearing beanies cupping their hands against the glass to look in. We screamed and the baby-sitter grabbed the phone. Soon the police were there and our parents hurried back from dinner. Okay now, nothing really happened and they didn’t try to get in, but THEY NEVER FOUND THE GUYS!!!  ahhhh. The police think that the guys might have been living in the house before we bought it. When we got it we found things like curdled milk in the fridge and other clues that people had been squatting there. Well it totally freaked me out, and I hate having windows open at night where people can just walk up to them (especially out in the middle of no where). I really don’t like the blinds open at night either. I don’t know if I have all the details right, mom, dad, do I?

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  1. That’s quite a story… I do remember all the crap left in the garage in garbag bags that the racoons has gotten into, but my dear I’m so sorry to say I have absolutely no memory of leaving all you kids home with a sitter and coming home because the police had been there. But them maybe it wasn’t as big a deal to me as it was to you. You know how we all remember things a bit differently… maybe I wasn’t there at all. You need to read the book ” A Yellow Raft in Blue Water” its a story told by three women… a daughter, mother and grandmother. it starts with the daughter telling the story, the mother gives more details and then the grandmother… it shows that no one sees things just like you do, even if the story is the same for each. So Enjoy Life… The way you see it!

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