Baseball and Blythe

I’ll deal with baseball first. Well baseball and Bj’s birthday, yay he’s 23!!!! On Bj’s birthday we drove up to Seattle pretty early (as soon as I dropped Nick off at school). The drive was really rainy and pretty gross. However when we got close to Seattle God smiled down and the sun came out. It was so, so nice. That is until we actually got to the game and started to BOIL!! We dressed for cold, with jeans, tennies, hoodies, multiple t-shirts, etc. with a backpack filled with additional gear including jackets and umbrellas. Well we both ended up sitting in a puddle of sweat with major t-shirt burns and freckles! But it was awesome baseball watching weather. We went to the game about an hour and a half early so we could hang out down by the field. We were so close to the baseball players warming up. Here’s me and Ichiro:

Okay that was actually outside Safeco Field. 🙂 Here is the players really warming up, this is what I saw when I first walked in, wow! (I had never been to Safeco before).

The game was great. We sat behind right field, section 106, row 29, seats 7 and 8. I liked the view of the field from here, and you know, of Ichiro’s butt:

Ichiro is HOT!

But so is Bj! View of Bj from his shortie after the game:

You just can’t tell how pink we are from here!
Okay so then after the game we went back to our hotel: Silver Cloud Hotel (Broadway). I am going to so recommend this hotel people. It’s great if you drive or take the train into town. They have a free shuttle that will take you just about anywhere (we went to and from Safeco, to Pike’s Place, got picked up at Sephora, then dropped off at a used bookstore). Also the picture of the place on their site looks so crappy. The hotel is new and really nice and so clean. I am a freak about hotel comforters after I saw that thing on 20/20 about seaman and everything on them, so I always take those off right away, but this hotel goes an extra step and has sheets on top of and underneath the blanket so you don’t have to touch anything that isn’t cleaned between guests!! I was so pleased to find this out that Bj and I took a nap after the game (we both went to bed late and got up early. Then we went down to the hotel’s bar/restaurant, Cyanne. It was good, we just chilled, Bj got to try a Mojito. After that we were pretty zonked so we headed to bed. We had the best intentions to get up early, but we didn’t. We caught the 12:30 shuttle into town, shopped around for a couple of hours, then realized we didn’t really have money to do that and went back to the hotel. We drove over to Uwajimaya to stoke up on our favorite Japanese foods. The regulations changed a bit and Taro can’t send me over the boatloads of candy I need to survive so I had to find another source. I even got my favorite Ramen snack, yay!!! I found some Fun Chop Chopstick Holders  for my chopstick retarded friends. I also decided that when I have kids I am starting them on chopsticks first! We got some yummy honey moon tea by Bubble Tea. The cups are the coolest:

Isn’t this the best idea, the lid is like vacuum sealed to the top, what a resource saver. These super thin lids don’t leak at all until you puncture them with the straw, they weigh almost nothing, and use a teeny tiny percentage of the plastic. All in all the trip was good. I may have started another addiction. I think I want a Blythe doll!! My Barbies have nothing on this girl. Made famous by this book the doll, which was only made in 1972 has a cult following. People dress her up, do her hair, and take pictures of her everywhere. Here are some great links:
XOXO Blythe (has some good history and shows you the difference between the originals and the Japanese remakes)
This is Blythe (the author’s website, has a forum and everything)
Primmadollies (makes awesome clothes for her dolls, so, so cute)
Changable Blythe (some more history)
Almost Daily Blythe (another fan site)
Live Journal Community of Blythe fans

And I bought myself this book at Uwajimaya:
It shows how to do her hair in a million funky ways. Ohhh I might have to get one!

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  1. Oh Amber, you’re spelling faux pas crack me up, the idea of finding half the navy on your hotel bed covers – seamen indeed – tee hee hee, and that guy with bear hands, oh my.

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