Um, ya about that freedom

Okay, so starting your own business is hard. It is really fun to look up and see all that ribbon, but um, imputing it into the database and doing metatags, not so much. Just a little post to let you know that I am alive. I have been having a little fun, like getting to level 93 on Lumines (oh I know, I am so addicted, it doesn’t help that the game has no end though), and watching some of my favorite show’s finales. I still can’t believe that Uchenna and Joyce won on the Amazing Race, my roommates and I were jumping around like crazy. Jack and Bobby was, of course wonderful, and then I have all the finales next week. It’s a good thing we’ve got our Tivos on the job. Bj has been working on getting the Mentos commercial up, seriously, it should be soon. Meanwhile I’ve been listening to that song, No Limit like a mad woman when I feel like I’m getting a little too sucked into the computer.

So The Ribbon Jar should launch between Monday and Wednesday of next week. I can’t wait. Mostly I can’t wait for all you crofters to get this stuff and play with it so I can see what you do. Just putting it into the computer made me realize how unique so much of it is. And all those colors, yum, yum.

Oh and something else happened. I got the random-est comment ever. It totally made my night, I was cracking up:

"AHHHHHHHH! Who are you? Why am I looking at your website? Why do you like knitting? Why do you have this site and why did I get here for trying to find out if that song in the mentos commercial is really a song?! Will you be my girlfriend?

P.S., Becker is the worst TV show ever"

Like that last line, what does that have to do with anything? LOL!!  Anyway up early tomorrow with Brent to hit the garage sales on Friday the thirteenth for two hours before work, Blythe here I come!!!

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  1. Hey, I did a research on Blythe, and here is the official Blythe shop online.
    Maybe you already know about this site, but they have it in English and they would ship to you too. Check this out.

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