Mentos Has Landed

Okay people, here is it, THE BEST COMMERCIAL EVER (well one of the top three at least). I am totally in love with this commercial,it makes me crack up like a crazy person. Bj has spent forever trying to get if from our Tivo to this weird hax0r mini windows machine he has to his Mac. Then he had to get it in Quicktime and everything. It took forever to sync up the sound with the video. He says he’s never doing it again, so let’s hope Mento’s doesn’t make any cooler commercials. THANK YOU BJ!!! The first time I saw this I was dying laughing, so if you haven’t seen it before prepare to be amazed. Without further ado…

Click Image To Play… (and if you need QuickTime click here)

P.S. No, I don’t really know what this has to do with Mentos.

P.P.S. If you are a Mentos person please don’t get mad at me I really love Mentos and I think this commercial totally rocks, but I know it’s your’s and everything. I can just see all these people sitting around a big table coming up with this. They must be the funniest people on the planet. I’m just put it on here so more people could see it and want to buy Mentos.

And One More Thing: This song is No Limit by 2 Unlimited.

In other news, if you are trying to talk to me on msn messanger I am running it on iChat through Jabber and I can’t get it to work right. Somehow people are able to message me even when I am not online. I don’t know, trying to figure it out. Hey if you are running Tiger and doing the same thing, tell me how to fix it!!

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  1. Amber – I saw this commercial recently and wondered if it was the one you were talking about earlier on your blog. I couldn’t remember what you had said except that you loved it and went looking for the song. Since it’s the newest mentos commerical I’d seen, I figuerd it was the one. Seen it a couple times since…have to admit, I still think i like the sheep that eat the mentos and jump on the lawnmower and mow over the dog best…;)

  2. I fucking love that commercial. every time it comes on the television I stop and watch it while simultaniously turning up the volume.
    Thanks for posting it so I could get my fix in.

  3. This is the greatest commercial EVER! I love it. The sheep and the dog don’t hold a candle. My dog loves this, too – it makes him bark like crazy.

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