Beauty and Beads

Img_0760Today I wanted to do another project for the Ribbon Jar, you know, to juice up the home page a bit. So I decided that beads would be a great thing to put with ribbon (yum, yum!). I had to reorganize my bead collection before I used them, of course. I love doing this because for my 22nd birthday Bj made me the most beautiful gift, a homemade bead box (that’s it on the right). He planed down the wood, put it together, and finished it all. The inside his mom helped him finish in velvet with a box and elastic to hold all my things down. He also spacial ordered these awesome glass specimen containers and funneled all my beads into them. I just love it, thinking of him doing all this work for me, his big hands handling all my teeny tiny beads. I was gone all summer at camp and he missed me a bunch, so he planned this awesome surprise.I go on various craft kicks and I haven’t been on a bead one for a while, so I haven’t looked at this in almost a year, but it was a great memory to come to today. It’s hard because Bj is applying for all these jobs and some of them aren’t so close to here. I can’t imagine spending so much time away from him, that would suck! Let’s just hope he gets a job in this state. Anyway we hung out tonight and watched Beauty and the Geek, have you heard of this show? It is totally awesome, the best idea. These "geeks" (super smart Mensa guys) and "beauties" (not so smart but pretty girls) are paired up and have to teach each other the other ones tricks. So tonight the beauties had to teach the geeks to dance and the geeks had to teach the beauties stuff you would learn in the fifth grade (spelling, geography and history). Any way it’s a pretty cool idea (Ashton Kutcher you genius, you), so check it out, I think they are going to replay the premiere.

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