Guilty, very guilty…


Oh it’s fun to scrap and watch Lois and Clark!!  Here are some of my favorite lines:

{when Clark looses his powers} 
Clark: "I lifted a rocket into orbit before – not I can’t even lift this."

Clark: "Superman is what I can do, Clark is who I am."

Lois: "Kent is a hack from Smallville. I couldn’t make that up."

Clark: "Lois it’s past babbling hour. Could you get to the point."

{about the Superman outfit}
Martha: "One things for certain, nobody’s going to be looking at your face."
Clark: "Mom!"
Martha: "Well they don’t call them tights for nothing!"

{and my favorite of all time}
Lois: "All right, maybe, somewhere very deep inside me is some eensy weensy, microscopic – all though highly unlikely – possibility that I feel some sort of unmotivated, completely unrealistic attraction to you.

Man I hope season 2 comes out soon!

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  1. HA! This came on TV a few years ago here in Germany so I watched some of it (it was my Mom’s show when it was on reg. TV). It was sooo corny. I needed it in English, the German translatiosn were just cornball. Btw, you superman freak, I put Smallville on my DVD-check-out list because of you! 😉

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