In case you’re keeping count

This is wedding number three. Katie and Josh, I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

The happy couple.

Sciarrino and Karen. Karen is in the bridesmaid dress from a wedding she was in earlier in the day, we have weddings popping up all over the place!  Okay Karen has the best hair ever, look at these curls dude!  (Kathy gets a close second for always having perfect bridesmaid hair and that’s hard to do when you’ve been a bridesmaid like seven times).

Julia flew in from Princeton where she is rowing with the National Team, go crew chicks go! Oh and all the bridesmaids have cute ribbon in there hair from where? Oh the Ribbon Jar!

Um, my brother is a little crazy, but hey, I love him. And I know Bj thinks we fight a lot, but he’s an only child and he just doesn’t get how fun it is to jab at each other! Aren’t these guys goofy!!

So the wedding was a ton of fun, great dancing. In fact Bj danced with me for like a whole two minuets (the first time ever!!!). I know Josh and Katie are going to be super happy together and I wish them all the best. Also I love going to weddings because:
*yummy food
*great people
*happy couples
*getting spruced up
and my favorite…
*seeing Bj all dressed up!!!

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  1. Looks like everyone was having fun! And Amber was definitly having a fabulous hair day!

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