More bridal madness…

Here is a better picture of Sciarrino:
See isn’t her hair just great. Today was the final showing of her graphic design work at OSU, it was senior portfolio day in the ballroom today. I think her stuff looks so great, it’s amazing how much we both learned here in five years. I especially love that her outfit matches her portfolio, gotta love the matching. After the portfolio showing we went to a lingerie party for Settlemeyer. Check out all her goodies:


Don’t worry they all aren’t all tinted green, that’s just the color of the awning. 🙂 So another couple weddings tomorrow, and an Apple store opening! Fun stuff, I think I’ll bring Scully (did I tell you that’s what I decided on for Blythe’s name?).

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  1. Katie looks fabulous! It’s wonderful to see the accomplishments! Good Luck for the future to all Graduates….. PS Gotta love all that lingerie!

  2. Julie you’re sweet. =) And alp, thanks for your support and kind words. AND, GET WELL!!! =)

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