To the back, to the front, to the side to side

Okay so today I’ve been a lot in my head. I had to do a lot of driving around and I was by myself and my thoughts always get the best of me. So I thought a lot about how things would be so much better if everyone was just nicer. I mean, just polite, and caring, instead of short and rude. What made me think of this? Well things are going pretty smoothly on the Ribbon Jar front except for one thing: a package got lost. This was from the second order. The person contacted me and said she didn’t get it, only not so nicely. I felt so horrible. That’s one thing I hate about internet shopping, no instant gratification, and then to have to wait longer than you are expecting, that sucks. So I apologized profusely and resent everything as soon as I could (which unfortunately had to wait until Tuesday morning since I didn’t find out about it until after I could ship out on Saturday). So I shipped it, and the person hasn’t gotten it yet. It will still take a couple days, but I got this e-mail, that made me feel like the worst person on earth.  I really want to make things right, to be the best and show her that I care, after all that’s what she deserves, she’s the customer. But… couldn’t she have been nice? I mean, I was nice. I guess you don’t always know who’s on the other end. So my thoughts kind of spun off from this.

How could I be nicer? I think I’m pretty nice, but not always, I mean if someone is wearing leopard print spandex in public, I can’t help but share the story, right? Well maybe I could. I hope I’m not getting to cynical, and pessimistic and well, gross. I’d rather come home and share some kind of amazing thing I saw someone do or something. Or something funny that didn’t hurt someone.  I’d rather everyone did that, like the news and everything, I just wish it was nicer. I don’t want to cover up the grittiness or anything like that, I just want it to be fair. Wouldn’t you say the news is mostly bad, and things in this world are mostly good? I mean there are more than 360,000 babies born a day, and isn’t that happy? Couldn’t we all smile a little more? I bet we could people. I bet we could ease off the gas and not follow so close on the freeway, and let people in a with a little wave when they need to get over, and then maybe they’ll wave back to you. And I know we can’t change everything and everyone alone. But there is a much better chance that if you smile at someone they’ll smile. Maybe they won’t. Maybe it will take like five more people smiling at them, but they’ll get it eventually, they’ll feel the love, I know they will. And then they’ll be nicer, and not write mean emails to nice girls on the other end who are just as frustrated as they are.

So here’s something to make you smile today, something silly I saw, just driving along:

I like to make up stories, so choose one:

A) The foliage is for a new bird who is really picky and won’t stop squawking unless he has a big nest.

B) The ultimate jungle themed birthday party.

C) An extreme case of car fungus. πŸ™‚

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  1. Hey Amber – unfortunately, one of the worst thing about working in the industry you have chosen, is nasty customers. You can be as sweet and nice and polite as possible, and you’ll still get rude, horrible customers. Just continue to be nice, polite etc., and it will pay off. Ignore the nasty people, unfortunately, they’re not going anywhere. πŸ™

  2. Okay I really don’t like this picture of meβ€”NOT cute; I don’t do well in high flash. How about we put it to rest OFF the Internet; I would appreciate it very much. Maybe we’ll try again later. πŸ™

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