Oh, no, I’m it!

Okay so Amber (and yes Amber I do ship internationally) tagged me. I don’t really know what to do, so I hope I do it right. I guess I am supposed to put the answer of the question in Google and link the first thing that comes up (but I’m such a cheater, if something better is like second or third I am so choosing that!).  Okay well here goes:

Where I grew up: Salem

Where I live now: Corvallis

My Name: Amber Lee (so not fair, this is a link to a link of a porn site, ew!!! my cool name ruined!)

My grandma’s name: Arlene (ya, she’s a bit of an activist)

My favorite food: Potato Bacon Corn Chowder (hmm, this recipe looks good, might have to try it)

My favorite drink: Diet Coke (I have tried to quit, but decided it just wasn’t worth it)

My favorite movie: uh, hmm, very favorite? Ok I’m a horrible cheater and can’t just pick one:
           Comedy: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
           Love Story: Love Actually
           Drama: American Beauty
           Musical: Newsies
           Mini Series: Pride and Prejudice BBC version, Colin Firth, yum, yum!
           Cartoon: Mulan (oh and I love Monsters, Inc.)
           crap, and I love the Harry Potter’s Movies

My favorite smell: Bloom Simply Good energy lotion

I’m tagging: hmm don’t really have any blogging friends (ya, half the people I tell that I blog are all like what?). So if you are reading this do it, it’s fun!!! And then comment and I’ll stick you under on my list.

Okay so I really didn’t have to cheat that much!

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  1. dude, i can’t believe you linked the one to your name! I would have cheated on that one!!! I used my full name anyway – maybe that would have changed the results?! Yikes!

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