Ribbon Mania

Okay watch your emails people, my first newsletter for the Ribbon Jar is going out very soon. I worked on that today, and putting in a lot of new product into the system. I got some super sweet and sick stuff that I can’t wait to play with it tomorrow, but I’m expecting a bunch more stuff so I’ll see if I have time. You have to check out this, my absolute favorite thing that came today {Indian silk ribbon}, I’ve never seen anything like it, and it’s even better than I thought they would be. Anyway here is the yumminess from today:


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  1. damn, that ribbon looks yummy! if i had any clue what to do with ribbon (esp. more ribbon, considering how much of it i already have…) and any money to spend, I’d buy you out!!! do you even ship int’lly?! 😉

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