Shh it’s a secret!

I finished my back-tack bag last night, filled it with goodies today and shipped it off to my secret partner. What do you think?
um, ignore that weed. 🙂 Remember the fabric and goodies I got?  You can see them here if you don’t.  I used the striped stuff for the lining and the floral as one of the patches for the outside. I pulled from my stash for the rest. I made the bag a little long so Sciarrino had the idea to fold the top over, and I love it. The cord comes through the fold on one side and hooks onto a button on the other. My secret partner knits so I got her a couple of skeins of fun stuff. I also through in some ribbon (well duh, right?), and a few cards of buttons from my great grandmother’s stash. I hope she likes it all. My secret partner (the one sending to me) has e-mailed me a bunch and I can not wait to see what kind of bag I’m getting. I love swaps!!!! (and this is the first one I’ve been in so I’ll have to look for another, I kind of found this one on accident).

I packed up a bunch of orders today for the Ribbon Jar, including my first to the Netherlands and Hawaii, cool! After working all day Sciarrino came home at 4:30 so we could take the path through the park to the post office. I walked over in my bikini top and skirt, I’m such a rebel!  But working inside all day I gotta get my sun where I can (don’t worry mom I put a top on when I got to the post office).  After we laid out at the waterfront and I listened to Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix on my iPod (gotta get ready for book 6 baby!!! and yes, I’ll be dressing up). Happy sunny day!

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  1. I found your blog by accident and saw that you like doing swaps. I have become addicted to them after being introduced to fabric swaps about four months ago. If you are game, how about a one on one swap. Contact me if you are interested.

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