Free Mad Lib Wednesday

Okay I know I usually do the free association Wednesday, but I just got such awesome comments last week, that I think you are all ready for something I’ve been wanting to do a while. I hope this works. But my idea was to do a Mad Lib (and before the hate mail starts, yes, the free associations will be coming back people)!

So this is how I want to go about this:
-Pick the number of the thing you would like to fill out
-Check the comments to make sure it is not taken
-Write a comment with one of the numbers followed by the word

4.number of person in room (hmm, well someone I will know, or famous or something, k?)
9.a food
12.plural noun
14.plural noun
15.plural noun

Okay, I think everyone should only do one number, it will be more fun, don’t you think?  It might take a while, but I know there are lurkers out there. Then I will enter the words into the Mad Lib and we will have a silly little story and for a moment we will think we are all at a slumber party again giggling like a bunch of silly girls (unless you are the boys who read this, :>)

9 Replies to “Free Mad Lib Wednesday”

  1. #9
    Rice krispie treats

  2. #10
    a bottle of JD

  3. #2

  4. BJ Garrison says: Reply

    #3 – Freaky

  5. # 7 Precariously

  6. #5 Tommy (Kristen Tomlinson)

  7. 13
    Space Invaders

  8. Katie Sciarrino says: Reply

    #12 camel spiders

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