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What have I been up to?  Well a tea party, bridal shower, wedding veil, and cantankerous quilt. I’ll start with the tea party that was on Sunday afternoon. It was at the estate of one of my mom’s girlfriends and it was a mother daughter thing, hats and gloves optional!  So much fun to get all dressed up and waited on. We also had a little fashion show to watch, then a huge bunch of mini desserts (which equals up to a lot of sugar even by my standards).
Jenny loved it anyway, and that’s what we were after. She is my cousin who is tying the knot this Saturday. We had champagne, grapes, scones, then some quiche served with ripe tomatoes and poached asparagus. And it was so good. I just have to interject here that my mom is like the most amazing housewife in the world. She knows how to do all these things, I have to pick that up when I move home in a month. Like I’ll look over and she’ll be whisking an egg to coat the top of a crust, then turn around and she’s handing me the glass bowl to put away because somehow in like ten seconds she managed to finish the egg, wash the bowl, and dry it!!!  How to people learn how to do this stuff. While I was gone for only a half an hour getting ready for the party my mom had the kitchen completely transformed. Someone needs to put a secret camera on that woman, I swear she hides a clone of herself in the pantry or something. Anyway we opened presents and I gave my customary gift (I’ve given this to about half a dozen brides to be). This thing just cracks me up so much, and the playbook is much better than the original because it even gives calories, lol!

After we had cake and the guests left Desiree (my other cousin), Jenny, my mom and I went to run errands for some last minuet things Jenny needed for the wedding. They ended up staying until five thirty when Bill got home. I then coerced Bill into taking my mom and I out for Mexican food for dinner since we had been working so hard all day!  It was so good. And the left overs are sitting my mom’s fridge because I left them, darn it!!! I then turned my attention to Ceara’s veil, which I impulsively said I would make after seeing the ridiculous prices on them at David’s Bridal. It was actually not that hard at all. Especially after we figured out that you only use 3 threads in the serger to get the ends finished right. I had to wear it for a couple of hours of course to make sure it worked right and everything:

Man, I really need to work on that chunk-a-lunk on my sides, ew. But still, isn’t the veil cool. I like it. When I came home I put it on and then rang the doorbell instead of using my key. Bj asked who it was and I said, "mail order bride!" hehehe.
And since I have a picture of me on here looking funny I might as well add one of Sciarrino with her bow tie of ribbon that she just got from the Ribbon Jar:

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  1. Thanks for putting a better picture of me in your blog… I would hope this is what I look like most of the time, not that horrendous grad pic :)!

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