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Okay you remember how I said I got some cool favors at this wedding?  Well these are the little tins that were full of candy and tied with ribbon on the tables. I cleaned them all up then attempted to get some magnets to hold them to the piece of metal I have behind my big chair. I didn’t have much luck at any of the craft stores, and the super strong colored magnets from Target were all sold out. So I turned to eBay and got some sick magnets from this guy who runs a shop called Forcefield. I got these little magnets that are like so amazingly strong.  So I got e6000 to glue them onto the little tins, but I don’t even need to because the magnets are so strong they just hold it all together, which is super awesome because I can just pull the tins off the board and with no magnets attached to them they still have a flat bottom. So I am in love with this new storage solution, it looks so cool!!! Thanks Katie!

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  1. That looks so good! I’ve seen people use those for spices on the fridge, too…which would be cool, but kinda messy if they opened accidentally. 😉

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