Free Mad Lib Wednesday

Okay people it’s time to see where all those good nouns and adjectives went!

I did not have enough joiners so I had my brother and mom fill in the blanks. Here goes:

A gigantic contest in which you already may be a car. Anyone, and we mean anyone, can enter this fabulous contest. Just follow these freaky rules. Write down in six words or less why you think Tommy  should be elected art gallery Of The Year. Remember she does not know that you think so precariously of her. First prize will be a deluxe, three-speed yacht plus a year’s supply of rice krispie treats. Second prize is a twenty one foot bottle of JD. Third prize is a full-color basketball plus a set of camel spiders. Each entry must be accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed Space invader. Decision of the boys will be final and in the event of a tie, duplicate penises will be awarded.

Pretty good. But I think we will stick with the free associations from now on, until I get a regular reader base because then I won’t have to call on my brother and get words like penises. 🙂

-Kay it was funny, but I’ve seen it before!

And a quote of the day since I’ve been watching my Seinfeld DVDs:

" At ages 0 through 10 candy is your life. There’s nothing else. Family, friends, school, they’re only obstacles in the way of getting more candy."

-Seinfeld, the junior mint episode.

This may still be true of me…

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