Nice People Are Everywhere…

If you look for them.

This morning I was cleaning up Bj’s new place and I was like, "hmm, self, wouldn’t it be nice if these boxes that go to Goodwill were gone when he got home?  How hard would that be to do? There are about fifty around here and I could Google Local it." So I wrote out directions and got to the place no problem. But there was no visible donation center so I was sort of going really slowly in front of the building and this guy with a gruffy voice goes, "what’s up man?" in a really rude voice. And I didn’t even realize what I had been doing so I exclaimed, "oh, I’m so sorry" because he was trying to walk through. And then you know what, I think he expected a really rude remark back, so he was all nice, "oh it’s no problem." Anyway I realized there was a drop off around back and a really nice guy helped me get all the stuff out. So I set out of there feeling very accomplished. This is when I began to have problems.

I have a notoriously bad sense of direction (and many people did remark when I was coxswain that I could steer a boat better than a car). But I was sure this would not be a big problem because not only could I just reverse the directions, but I was only 1.4 miles away!  The thing I forgot about was that going one direction the road I had to take was called Baseline, but on the way back it is called Jenkins (I know, what is up with that?). So I missed my turn. But instead of trying to short cut over, I turned around (in a restricted area, oops), and went back. But the street disappeared which was very unfortunate. The other unfortunate thing is that you are going through basically neighborhoods with lots of cross streets and the speed limit was 45 so I was getting really lost really quickly! I went next to the Nike World Campus which is of course a big landmark. The thing is I don’t happen to know yet where that is in relation to everything else in Beaverton, so I just drove past it doing 50 (FYI, there are hot guys playing soccer in the front, if you live around there you should check it out). So then I turned. I don’t know what convinced me this was a good idea, but I managed to turn into a construction area. I was just looking for a slower road, really. Finally after trying to pick a couple more streets and none of them leading me anywhere I flagged down an old guy in an old truck at a stop light. I yelled, "I’m trying to get to 217." He said you need to take a left here (crap I was in the far right lane). Luckily I this man is the nicest motorist on the road and he told me to pull in front of him when it turned green. I did and then he zoomed in front of me and actually led me all the way to 217. I realized he wasn’t even going that direction because at the light in front of 217 he got out and said, "go straight here, you’ll get right on." I said, thanks so much and he turned to go back around.
People are so nice. I love nice people.

Speaking of nice things, happy early birthday to me:

Erin sent me this link and I almost wet myself reading some of the things that people have over heard. Erin, this is something we should have come up with long ago, remember those quote books?
Thank you!

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  1. Amber, I love this kind of post. As an appreciator of even a tiny bit of niceness/politeness myself, I always find that if you’re nice to someone else, they tend to be nice back to you. Keep it up kid, xxx

  2. You were up here and you didn’t call me! Bad Amber! You could’ve come by and seen my recent scrapping! That’s okay, next time!

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