Somebody SAVE ME!!!

Yes… I have my Superman underware on!!!  Smallville premire in less than an hour. I am in full hyper running around mode.  Ahhhh.  Clark are you gonna tell Chloe?  Are you going to fly.  OMG I can’t stand the wait!

*crap I was so excited I took the picture with my glasses on ew.

3 Replies to “Somebody SAVE ME!!!”

  1. I’ve gotta get caught up on that show…. That way I won’t have to ask you annoying questions during the show:)! He definitely is worth watching… I mean I really like the show:)!

  2. I don’t watch that show, but I do have 4 pairs of superman underwear! 🙂 Your shirt is cutie too! I love that picture!

  3. Add me to the list of superman undie owners! You girls have great style! That is the cutest picture, totally made me laugh. Hope it was a great episode (I’ve never seen it… I know I’m lame.)

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