Ric Rac has landed.

And over to the Ribbon Jar world. People have been asking me for medium, large, and jumbo sized ric-rac. Yay!  It came yesterday. I stayed up until two putting its yummy goodness into the system. It’s in my new catagory now, and also the ric-rac section, it’s permenent home. You know I have one thing in there that no one has ordered, it’s the stretchy ric-rac. I just don’t get it. It’s so cool. I mean it’s zig-zaggy and stretchy. These are definatey two requirements to coolness. Hmm. I also got more of the hot pink velvet in, um… YUM. I think I am going to order a lots more colors of velvet in tinier sizes, it’s a little easier to work with. Any thoughts on this? 

In other news I’ve become an eBay genius. Well maybe not genius, but I’ve defiately been upgraded from total dumbass who can’t figure out anything. 🙂 I was working on this:
I so want to make one of these for me. I think it would be too funny to see ten years of me in Halloween costums in a row. I managed to list this on my own right here.
So then I got to thinking that if I could list that I could certainly manage to list some other stuff I have lying around. I listed some old software and 17 back issuses of Nutshell News (LOLOLOLOL) what can I say, I had a miniture phase. I also listed the super soft blankie from the Ribbon Jar home page and this post. I really wanted to keep it, but I think keeping baby stuff before you’re actually trying to get prego is bad luck. And it’s too tiny for me to use, but it’s so so soft! So I feel like I got a ton done yesterday and that feels good.

*Your comments were so sweet on the Bj post. I was trying to think of lots of good thoughts for him because he had an unfortunate puking on a plane and all day incident on his first business trip. He’s feeling lots better now, yay!

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  1. That book is FABULOUS!!! I’m sure it will get tons of bids. 🙂 And I just love that pic of ric-rac. All the colors and different widths makes me want to color (<---I have no idea where that idea came from but it just popped into my head so I went with it. HA!)

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