You got me Brent, you got me good.

Okay first of all Erin, that was exactly what I was thinking when I thought of doorknob! Second of all Sue, I hope you are rocking out tonight with all that crazy Madonna music going on! Third of all:

Hmm… Pongidae n. pl. A family consisting of the anthropoid apes, the gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans, and gibbons. Syn. Simiidae.

Oh yes, our free Wednesdays are about to get CRAZY.

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  1. Yes, the whining and squealling far exceeded our expectations (we had this long discussion of what she might say) and we had a tremendous laugh when we were mostly right!…. Laughing… Good for ones health! although Amber about had a stroke… so not so good for her health… hee hee! We do love you Amber! Hugs Mom

  2. That is one cool dictionary. I think that I would have thrown a fit too. I’m glad that it worked. Something that old and big and awesome is a treasure to add to your collection. (cool thing to collect, by the way)

  3. 1. you are adorable
    2. my hair is in pig tails at this moment
    3. i adore dictionaries too
    4. i stink at bladerdash though – i always make up a great fake definition and then giggle when they read it out loud

  4. I dont’ even know how I found your blog exactly, it’s linked to someone else’s blog who I don’t know, I’m up with a bad case of insomnia, desperately looking for entertainment,etc. etc…Just had to tell you I read your dictionary entry and am still laughing all by myself in the middle of the night like a crazy person…seriously, I hardly ever REALLY crack up at other people’s words (cause, really, I AM the funniest person ever, just ask me!) but I’m still laughing about that dictionary thang, cuz really, normal people don’t love old, stinky out-of-date, nasty dictionaries (I think we would have a serious “Dallas” type girl fight if I thought I had a chance at that dictionary, though) so enjoy your dictionary, and be very careful if I ever come to your town…
    thanx for the laughs & happytrails! Carlene
    [email protected]

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