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  1. That’s so odd! I have never seen a dog in the cabin, in or out of a bag! Are you taking the Michael?
    What if someone was allergic to it? Do you tell the stewardesses? I am perplexed!

  2. Girl, it’s a good thing that you wrote that you were wearing a swimsuit, cuz I was sure going to say sumthin’, lol! That pool looks like so much fun considering it’s snowing so hard here! 🙂

  3. HA! I saw the pic before the comment and said “Whoa… you at you in all your skinny dippin glory!” hee hee
    Buddy is way too cute in his floaty. I got my parents a carrier for their dog so she could fly with them then they come visit me. Um yeah… she HATED IT and looked so pissed that my parents felt too guilty. Then again, she is a high maintenance little brat so that’s not saying much. HA!

  4. alp-
    good thing you said you were wearing a swimsuit…i saw an oprah episode about the non-swimsuit wearers once…

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