Now that’s something to blog about.


This morning I went on a way early sunrise hot air balloon ride! My dad has wanted to go on one for as long as I can remember and so this weekedn he just decided it was time. It was so amazing.


Right after that we got right in. Emilie was a little scared, but I was leaning over the edge and taking it all in. Don’t think I mentioned that I am in the desert right now. My dad has a place down here (and before him his parent’s and their parent’s). I haven’t been here since my grandparents passed away actually, and my grandfather passed four years ago. It’s amazing to see how much it’s grown, esspcially from the air. I tried not to be mad about the misuse of water too much and mostly just took in the mountains, beautiful.


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  1. So jealous!! I got to see one close up about a month ago when a bunch took off in Albany, one “crash-landed” in the park by my house. I couldn’t believe how HUGE it was!!
    See you Wednesday!

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