Me, my aunt, my mom, and my grandma. Aren’t we hot! 🙂

In honor of my grandma’s impending birthday (which is Thursday) we all got together in Portland for some lunch, shopping, and most talking. I love hanging out with my mom her mom and her sister, seriously, if you were the couple sitting behind us in the little french bistro, how did you not laugh at us? We are so witty! At least we think we are and crack each other up, and that’s all that matters. Ok I won’t give away your age grandma, but reminder to all, I’m 25… doesn’t she look young! I think so. Grandma got some fab shoes for her birthday:
The ones being pointed to on her left foot. I got some awesome earrings, they are like nesting rings. I’m wearing them in the picture above, might have to take a better one. We ended up chatting way late and my mom and I were rushing back so I could get out the orders today. Another order from New Zealand. Wish I could just pack myself in the box… Instead I worked on re-vamping the ideas page. So check out Sherry Stevenson’s work. She was October’s designer. I also attempted to redo the home page, but I am afraid to make major changes due to my lack of HTML knowledge. Bj found one thing for me I think you’ll understand, even if it is in French…
Kick butt Harry Potter Fonts!!!! Free baby, free.
(Jamie, please tell me you didn’t know about this before me, since you told me about the trailer I have to one up you on something!)
As we all well know the release of the next movie is of course only 37 days, 13 hours, and 35 minuets away as of this writing. I’m thinking about my costume. Maybe out doing ourselves from the book launch? What do you think Sciarrino? Hope these fonts get you in the mood!

p.s. click on the top 100 button on that font page to see all of dafont’s rockin stuff.

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  1. I totally saw you guys this afternoon on NW Glisan! I was driving and almost rear-ended the person in front of me when I saw you. I had to do a double take :).

  2. I’m glad to hear you had tons of fun with the girls! I wanna see these earrings, I’m kind of a funky jewelery addict!
    BTW, sorry to dissapoint you hon! I already have these fonts! :-O I haven’t used them yet though, I’m going to soon though! I am a true Harry nerd, I love that you are too!

  3. Oh…I made my graphic designer friend give me all his fonts…including the Harry Potter font…love when I know Harry Potter fans…I am listening to both Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix! What a wonderful family picture…I know you will all treasure that image for generations!

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