Happy and Sad

Making me happy:
Hung up by Madonna, I’ve only listened to it about a million times already.
-My new place for favorite layouts:

-yes that is in my bathroom, another thing making me happy, it’s so clean:

-My bed is making me happy right now. See I made that quilt for my little sister. It took me for freaking ever, and then when I was baby-sitting her I found it cramed in a closet. I was sad. But then I highjacked it for myself and I feel much better. I didn’t have a quilt for this bed and the white coverlet was so blah it was killing me.
-I finished a layout I love so much that I’m actually saving it for HOF entry (yes, last year kicked my ass, but I’m trying again, third time’s a charm).
-Sciarrino is coming on Sunday night!  Maybe I’ll do some more artistic drawings of her exploits!
-Smallville and Ballet tonight!

Making me not so happy:
-Not picking Bj up at the airport tonight. It’s really for the best because his mom is in town and it just makes more sense for her to drive a short ways to get him then me a long ways in the dark (!)… but I love airport reunions. They have this magic heroic quality to them I think. Plus it reminds me of my best airport reunion ever: Coming back from camp summer 2002. Bj and I had been apart for months. I could not wait to see him and ran towards the waiting area. Bj had been working at a hardware/lumber place over the summer and got RIPPED. Plus he developed a skin condition that his doctor had him treat by going tanning (weird huh?). So he was tan, buff, oh and wearing a hoodie and backwards baseball cap. So ya, I like airport reunions.
-My spell check on typepad no longer works, what the?!?! I can’t spell, argh.

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  1. Perhaps you wouldn’t have argued so much with your mom when you were in highschool is your room would have always looked like that;)!

  2. HA!!! Love that you gambled buddah off of G-ma. lol You rocked that quilt – awesome! One of these days, I’m going to learn how to sew in a straight line. 🙂

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