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In case you didn’t see these sweet little peeps in the Ribbon Jar newsletter, or our ideas page I thought I would share them here. Sara Neuburger makes these over at The Small Object. Here is a direct link to the peeps. I asked her to be a guest designer a couple of months ago because I was pretty much just getting scrapbooking submissions (which are awesome, but I have to mix it up) and I was really looking for people who stretched ribbon usage. Well she does just that. I love love love what she did with all of our differnt ribbons and trims. She is so creative, and was really great to work with. See all the peeps on our ideas page.  You can find out more about her over at her blog. Thanks again Sarah.

P.S. always looking for designers, or people who used my ribbon in a cool way (if you have email ideas at ribbonjar dot com and if I use your image in a newsletter you get a 25% off coupon for your next order). Only one person has taken me up on the newsletter thing so far. So I don’t know whether people are hoarding the ribbon or what… hmm.

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  1. She does have very cool “little people” and wonderful idea. I like that you put the challenge out there again to do something funky with ribbon.

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