DSL sucks, and other things.

Okay so I haven’t been posting. Yup, I know. First our Internet has been horrible (which will soon be fixed as I just signed up for Comcast Broadband Internet today), second I’ve been busy, and third Sciarrino has been here and we’ve just been having too much fun. This is just a quick post to tell you what I’m up to. Sciarrino got the job (yeah!!!), and will be living in Salem with me, I’m so excited. We’ve pretty much been scrapbooking non stop, oh and shopping a little. Here is my latest creation:
Now I am headed to Halfway, Oregon (otherwise known as Half.com Oregon), to help Sciarrino move back here. Then I am expecting an absolutely huge shipment of ribbon, tons of velvet and yummy stuff, on Friday so I’ll be busy with that. Then Ceara comes, remember her?  My BFF who is all the way in Arkansas?!?!  Well her older brother’s wife just had a little boy and Ceara is going to come meet her  new nephew. I am so excited that I am going to be seeing her. So basically I probably won’t be on the blog much, but I’m grabbing the camera and heading out on the road, so when I do post it will be good, promise. Seacrest, out.

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  1. Yup! Here I come, man! I love seeing my name in your blog…which is totally cool, by the way. I check it out whenever I get the chance. I miss Oregon!!! Arkansas kinda sucks. Don’t move here. 🙂

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