Free Association Wednesday


My loyal (or occasional) readers just comment on the first thing that you think of when you see this word. NO CHEATING the FIRST thing! If you need help see the first free association Wednesday.


19 Replies to “Free Association Wednesday”

  1. …Ice Baby – dang dang dang dang da da dang dang!

  2. …Ice Baby!!!
    Grea minds alike, heh Kay?

  3. Cream! It’s freezing cold here and I come up with that. I need to stop thinking about food 🙂

  4. ice baby… oh, no we’ve all been poisoned 😉

  5. No, don’t make me go back to Alaska! :o)

  6. Slippery!!!

  7. …Ice Baby!!!
    Yup, me too 🙂

  8. ice, ice baby! (sing with me now…)

  9. Ice cream, and the precipitation sort of ice, both popped into my head at the same time.

  10. Ice skating on the pond, down Sag road in Halfway when I was little.
    Memory is impressive since I was chewing ice at the time, you think I would have thought “frozen cubes in my cool beverage,” but nah. =)

  11. diamonds, that’s the first thing I think of..

  12. I’m a ghetto groupie “…Ice Baby… Stop collaborate and listen….”
    (lowering head in shame)

  13. I think of Ice from American Gladiators…was I the only one that watched that?

  14. Thanks for sharing your space! Love the ideas!
    You can find more of those tins at

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